Piano Teacher
Mrs. Susan Pajor was born and educated in Hungary, Europe. She has a Bachelor of Music
in Education in classroom music and piano.

She has been teaching music for 27 years: 10 years in Hungary at the Palotasy J. Music
School and 17 years in Canada as a private music teacher. Her classical music teaching
includes Kodaly–method and a modern-day approach:” Let’s play popular music too!”  

She established Accent Piano School in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. She is a member of the
Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Association . She received the CFMTA
certificate of Recognition of Professional Achievement twice: in 2010 and in 2013.
She is an active member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association (ORMTA).
Mrs. Pajor had been the treasurer for several years and still helps the association with her
volunteer work alongside her busy teaching schedule.

Mrs. Pajor is a hard working and knowledgeable teacher. Her enthusiasm, encouragement,
commitment and love of music inspire her students. Her students are winners of several
music competitions year after year: they bring 25-30 awards each year and reach high
levels of performance on concerts and exams.

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