Dear Students and Parents,  

Every year we start a new phase in our music studies, we are practicing and learning more
about music and working on new skills. To support a successful learning experience, we
recommend  you read the following studio rules.
Please, find the lesson dates attached to the beginning of the dictation book or practice
record book.
For Piano Lessons You’ll Need:
Well tuned piano
Dictation book or practice record book
Graded books of Celebration series: repertoire & study books
CD of the grade you are learning
Scale book of your grade
Sight reading book of your grade
Theory book of your grade
Piano book bag
Cancellation or Missed Lessons
Please read with your child your signed Teaching Policy and retain it for later reference.
Missed lessons for any reason are not guaranteed to be rescheduled. Termination of lessons
must be announced 30 days prior to the actual date.

Please use our driveway for turning or parking. Thank you for your cooperation.

The method of payment for lesson fees is post dated cheques. They are payable in advance
on the first day of each month.

Regular Attendance
Parents should be aware that students who miss many lessons cannot be expected to make
sufficient progress in preparation for the exam.

Required Materials
Please purchase the required books and materials promptly, as delay disrupts the student's
progress. Please, bring the piano book bag to each lesson. The bag should contain all the
music books that the student uses. It is the parents' responsibility to ensure that the student
shows up to each lesson
with their books!

Piano Tuning
Every student needs a good, well-tuned piano; please call a piano technician if your child tells
you that the piano is not in tune or any of the keys/parts are not working. The piano needs
maintenance just like a car needs oil changes, a
piano needs tuning every one or two years
while in use. Students can develop good musical hearing; some can develop absolute pitch
but only with a well tuned instrument.

Studio Etiquette
Please keep in mind that any additional people in the piano room and in the waiting area are
a source of
distraction to the student. Siblings, parents and relatives are asked to wait in their
car or if necessary,
only one person should remain in the waiting area. All persons present in
the piano room during the
theory lesson must be well-behaved, work throughout the lesson
and pay attention to the teacher.
It is not advisable to bring a child to the studio unless that child will be attending a lesson.
The studio is not responsible for unattended children.
Displaying disrespectful or otherwise inappropriate behavior will result in dismissal from the
All students and visitors must show reasonable care and respect for the piano and music
equipment in the studio.

Students must wash their hands prior  to piano or theory lessons.

Please keep in mind that the student has reserved his/her specific scheduled time.
We cannot allow a lesson to extend into the next student's time period. If the student shows up
late, the lesson must still end at the designated time.
Parents please plan accordingly and
pick up your children on time. The school cannot
assume responsibility for your child after the lesson is over, as the teacher needs to devote
her full attention to the next scheduled student.

The Piano Practice
From the beginning, students, teacher and parents decide on a reasonable, practical goal.
As the student progresses, the "right" amount of practice time also progresses.
Practice time should become a routine each day. Help your child; find the time in their daily
schedule to practice. Encourage regular playing.
Student Responsibilities

Set a Goal. Take part in deciding a reasonable practice goal. (Working more, ………minutes
on sight-reading, scales, pieces, theory, performance, etc.)

  1. Practice!
  2. Bring in a weekly practice journal.
  3. Communicate with the teacher about successes and failures in practicing at home.

Parent Responsibilities

  1. Set a Goal. Take part in deciding a reasonable practice goal.
  2. Reward. Offer appropriate rewards and incentives for student success.
  3. Communicate with the teacher about successes and failures.
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