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Letters and e-mails:
"Thank you Mrs. Pajor for the pictures!  I am especially happy to have them, as I did not bring
a camera with me to the recital. All of your students performed beautifully.  When I met with
you back in October, I knew you would be a good piano teacher for Ivy. After listening to what
your students can do, I feel blessed that you had an opening when we needed a teacher!
Thank you for the concert, it was wonderful!

Ursula McKee"
"THANK YOU.... YOU!!!!

Susan, you are wonderful with the children I was so impressed how confident they all looked
during the concert and everyone was so well prepared.
Amanda is lucky to have such a caring and talented teacher such us yourself.   What ever it is
you do it works, so keep on and Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, I have never seen
Amanda so relaxed and pleased with herself. It was a terrific recital!

Regards     Romy Jacques"
"Dear Susan,

Thank you so very much for all the time and effort you have put into my piano education. You
have always been honest with me and you are the very best piano teacher I ever had. You
always believed in my abilities and saw my potential.
Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and a good friend.

Helen Francelj"
"Dear Mrs. Pajor,

Thank you for all the dedication and hard work you gave us throughout all these years, we
consider ourselves blessed to have a teacher like you.

Love: Joanna and Gabriella"
"Dear Mrs. Pajor,

It has been five and a half years that we have known each other; five and a half years that I will
never forget. Your presence has been a large influence on my life- more than just as my piano
teacher. Without realizing it until now, you, in some way, have shaped me for who I am today.
You have seen all my stages from an 11 year old to a mid-teenager!

Piano is not only a beautiful instrument to play, but is also a stress-reliever. When I play the
piano, its soft touch relaxes my mind and it truly does "heal one's soul". It is because of you
that I have had the chance to experience this.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being such an excellent teacher / friend for the
past five and a half years. I really do appreciate it. You've pushed me to my absolute limit
when it came to learning the practical and theoretical part of piano. You've indirectly told me
to never give up, and to keep working at it. If it weren't for that motivation, I would not have
accomplished 7-8 levels in just over five years.

When I walk into your house for my lesson, I always feel a sense of warmth. The way you
teach, you give such a friendly welcoming when the student walks in the door, followed by an
eased, but on-task lesson.

I thank you, Mrs. Pajor, for being my piano teacher, for teaching me not only piano skills, but
for conversing with me as an equal. It will be hard to adjust to the fact that I will not see you
every week. But if opportunity comes, we shall continue to pursue our teacher/student
friendship in the future. I wish you the best in everything Mrs. Pajor!           

Love, Michelle Chew"
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A big congratulations goes to you; a terrific teacher. Your hard work and dedication creates
terrific students with true musical  talent. My son gets compliments often from various people
he performs  for, especially his high school music teacher! He can't praise him  enough; and
proves it in his grades...100%. Thank you very much for  all your time and hard work in making
our son successful with his music!

Best regards Cynthia"
"Dear, Mrs. Pajor,

Thank you for being such an amazing and wonderful piano teacher and for sharing your
knowledge and experience with me.
You are one of my greatest inspirations in my life and it's been such a joy and honour learning
from you.
Thank you so much and I will never forget it.

With love: Sara"
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