Why piano students need to study theory?

Music theory is like the ingredients of making music; without it, students do not
understand how the different keys and harmonies are related. It also helps students
with technical studies, remembering scales and writing musical compositions. Theory
exams are co-requisites for piano grades.  
Why students need a well-tuned piano?

A good instrument helps the student develop better musical hearing. Students often get
frustrated and discouraged if they have to practice on a piano that has keys what are
not working or they cannot play along with their CD because the piano is not in the
correct pitch. Parents often think purchasing the lessons is good enough and do not
have the piano regularly tuned. Regular tuning is important for the student’s musical
need and progress.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I register my child for RCM Exam?
Do I need teacher approval before taking the RCM exam?

RCM Examinations. The teacher’s approval prior to taking exam is a must. Students
are motivated well if their exam experiences are less stressful and successful. This
comes from learning the pieces well. The preparation depends on both the teacher and
the student. They have to decide together as to whether or not the student is prepared
for the exam and when to take the exam.
What kind of payment plans do you have for the tuition fee?

Monthly payment with post-dated cheques.
Do you offer discounts to siblings?

It takes the same amount of time to prepare for each student individually, regardless if
they are siblings or not. We do not offer discounts at this time.
What styles of music do you teach?

We offer students various music styles besides their classical music for a well-rounded
music education. The program includes classical, jazz and blues, popular, Broadway
and sacred music. The Royal Conservatory of Music program also includes popular
music styles. Students can have these pieces in their exam program besides their
classical ones.
How many keys do a full size piano keyboard have?

It has 88 keys: 52 whites and 36 blacks.
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