All private lessons are conducted one-on-one in a private room.

Piano Private Lessons

  • 30 minute lessons under age 6 only
  • 40-70 minute lessons depending on grade level

Theory Private Lessons

  • 40 and 60 minutes lessons weekly

Theory Group Lessons  

  • 60 minute lessons biweekly
  • Teaches: Theory rudiments
Students are welcome from any age group above the age of 5. Students are accepted for
private lessons after an interview with the teacher. Students who enrol in the studio with  
experience in previous lessons will be asked to audition in order to determine their
appropriate level. The school uses a superior quality instrument to enable a well-rounded
program that will teach the student to judge good quality sound from this experience.
Lessons at
Accent Piano School are designed to meet the abilities of the student specific to
his or her level and are structured to be both effective and informative. Students will
experience kinesthetic, audio and visual learning styles as a complex form of learning.
Private Instruction for Piano

Elements of Lessons
  • Individualized instruction and curriculum to meet the needs and ability of EVERY student
  • Theory, technique and appropriate pieces for all levels
  • Performance opportunities
  • Goal setting and incentives
There are many elements to lessons and private instruction that you, as a parent should
know.  Before considering lessons ask yourself:

Does my child show an interest in music?

How does my child respond when he or she hears music? Does my child sing along? Does
my child move to it?

How does my child act when lessons are mentioned? Is the child happy about it?

Does my child experiment with the sound and feel of the piano?

Do I believe my child will succeed in music?

Do I find music education valuable?

How does my child handle frustration or difficult tasks?

How do I plan to help my child create a daily practice routine between lessons?

Am I willing to spend time, money and support for my child to be successful in lessons?
Are you ready for lessons?
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